On the 17th of November 2017, during the 10th EFSMA Congress in Portugal, the President of the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine, Prof. Maurizio Casasco MD, has been unanimously appointed as new President of the European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations.

“I feel particularly proud and honored to undertake this assignment” – said President Casasco during his first interview – “and I want to thank all my colleagues for the confidence that has been put in me. Moreover, I want to express my special thanks to every person who, in Italy, helped in developing Sports Medicine and, in particular, I want to thank one of my closest friends and President of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine, Prof. Arsenio Veicsteinas, who recently passed away”.

“In the end, please allow me to dedicate this appointment to all FMSI doctors and Italian Professionals in Sports Medicine, as this is the result of the reliability that the Italian Sports Medicine gained at international level, thanks to their efforts and commitment”.