Dear Colleague,

the European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations offers to its individual members a special service, supporting their daily work with athletes and patients.

It is well-known that ECG in athletes could be sometimes difficult to interpret; therefore some of our top experts in Sports Cardiology from all over Europe are at your disposal, providing you with a second opinion, with interpretation, on difficult/unusual ECG recordings.
Creating a personal account, it is possible, in fact, to submit the ECG details of the athlete/patient, through the ECG support application below (PDF, JPG or digital).
As soon as possible one of the EFSMA’s experts will send you the second opinion requested.
Each interpretation will be based on the Seattle Criteria (see Statements and Recommendations) and, in some cases, will be also analyzed by a special ECG software, which is obviously handled by an expert.

EFSMA offers its support even in choosing new automatic ECG devices with PC based ECG interpretation, which can be bought at a special price through the Federation.

Hoping this service would be useful in your daily work, we send

Best regards,

Prof. Anca Ionescu and Prof. Petra Zupet