30 November 2018

At Beijing, China

On the last 30th of November, the Federal President Maurizio Casasco, invited directly by the Embassy of Italy to Beijing, attended as speaker a scientific workshop, organized by the Embassy itself in collaboration with other stakeholders of the “Italian System”, within the CWFE – China World Football Expo in Beijing; an event dedicated to sport, Sports Medicine and to living sport following the Italian model.

In this event, which was part of the Embassy’s programme “vITALYty” for the promotion of healthcare and sport, participated also ICE Agency, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, the Ministry of Health, the National Health Commission (NHC) and the General Administration of Sport.

Presidente Casasco’ speech, entitled “Italy at the forefront: from the first school of specialization to the challenges of the 21st Century”, was meant to show and promote the excellency of the Italian model in Sports Medicine in China, a Country which is very sensitive to this topic and aims to reach the amount of 530 million physically active people within the 2030.

The goal of the workshop was to raise awareness about benefits of sport and regular physical activity, together with a proper nutrition, showing the Italian model of care and prevention of sports injuries and the medical certification system of fitness for sports.

The participation in this event, which follows the hearing at the United Nations held on the 5th of July and the scientific Conference organized by the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine at the Italian Parliament held on the 3rd of October just after the submission of the UN resolution on this matter, represents another testament of FMSI’s credibility at international level. The scientific and cultural background of FMSI takes up the legacy which led to the creation in Milan of the first school of specialization in the world in 1957, where training and scientific research are merged, together with Sports Medicine as medicine of prevention and accuracy.