Following the feedback gathered from the international survey on the importance of heat therapy in clinical practice for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain in Europe, EFSMA is glad to announc the release of the Doc Cast "Talks About Relief!".

This video series - realized with the contribution of Angelini Pharma SpA and guided by an international scientific board - wants to create an interdisciplinary network of experts in order to share experiences and therapeutic approaches to the management of musculoskeletal pain. In the three episodes of the series three international experts address the topic from different points of view: from the clinical orthopedic aspects to the management in sports and to the definition of pain in literature and the presentation of specific clinical cases.

EFSMA invites all the National Associations Members to participate actively to this initiative, watching the first two episodes, "Treatment Options in Musculoskeletal Pain: Comparing Experiences" and "Heat and Cold Therapy in Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain", and presenting in the box below the videos their own comments and testimonies, to propose additional topics, interact with the speakers and the international colleagues or apply as a further interviewee.


Link to the episodes:




The 55th EFSMA Executive Committee Meeting has been held on 23th October in Rome, Italy, hosted by the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine.

The meeting, officiated by President Casasco with the presence of the President of the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS), Prof. Fabio Pigozzi, is the first one held in person after a long time, due to epidemiological emergency. It has seen the participation of the Executive Committee Members, both in presence and in web conference.

It was focused on essential themes for EFSMA, such as the recognition of Sports Medicine as a specialty in Europe and the reinforcement of the exchange of knowledge and competences, the organization of next events and EFSMA’s commitment for the protection of health through sports and physical activity in the emergency context.
In particular, this was the last meeting of the Executive Committee before the 12th EFSMA Congress of Sports Medicine that will be held in 2022, when the Elective Council of Delegates will take place one year late due to the postponement caused by the pandemic. For this reason, in view of the upcoming elections, the President wanted to focus on a strategic plan that will allow EFSMA to develop further from a scientific, financial and organizational point of view.

Following some pictures of the Executive Committee Meeting:


Sports and Exercise Medicine professionals support the health and performance of elite and recreational athletes.

They improve the safety of participation in sports activities by conducting regular medical monitoring and periodical medical Pre-Participation Evaluations (PPE). In order to standardise national variations in the content of evaluation forms for the PPE, the EFSMA Scientific and Educational Commission proposes a PPE gold standard for elite and recreational athletes across Europe.

Introducing such a medical history and physical examination form, which can be digitally stored, enables a comprehensive international evaluation and an important step towards quality control within Europe.


Pre-Participation Evaluation Form for Elite Athletes

Pre-Participation Evaluation Form for Recreational Athletes

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Please note: Permission is granted to reprint for non commercial, educational purposes with acknowledgement. 


EU4Health Programme (EU4H) 

Call for action grants under the Annual Work Programme 2021

We have been informed by the Union Européenne Des Médecins Spécialistes / European Union Of Medical Specialists (UEMS) that the European Commission has launched the EU4Health programme in order to address the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and future health challenges. 

EU4Health will provide funding to eligible entities, health organisations and NGOs to pursue 4 objectives:

  1. To improve and foster health in the Union
  2. To tackle cross-border health challenges
  3. To improve medicinal products, medical devices and crisis-relevant products
  4. To strengthen health systems, their resilience and resource efficiency.

The first EU4Health calls have recently been published, and more calls will be published in the coming months by the European Commission.


Please find below the relevant documentation regarding the European Commission’s EU4Health calls for proposals:

Important change regarding the 36th FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine, originally planned to take place in Athens, Greece, this year in September.

Due to the unfortunate developments of COVID-19 pandemic worldwide and the careful review of the security issues, the Organising Committee proposed the FIMS World Congress 2020 postponement to 23-26 September 2021. This proposal has been officially approved by the FIMS Executive Committee on 20 April 2020.


The SARS- Coronavirus-2 (COVID-19) pandemic led to a disruption of organised sport. Sports activities have now been allowed, as individual sports under certain hygienic conditions and a distance of at least 2 meters is recommended.
With regard to the resumption of sport, the main concern is the risk of infection both by a player passing on the COVID-19 virus to others or by becoming infected themselves through physical contact where proximity to other athletes is unavoidable.
The restrictions and requirements vary from country to country and region to region, nonetheless it must be clarified, on the one hand, which groups require a sports medical examination before resuming sport and what that examination should include, and on the other hand what precautionary measures must be taken with regard to the examinations and the examination equipment.
The aim of this statement is to provide practical recommendations based on the current evidence. These recommendations could be considered as a foundation for further evidence-based guidelines as the knowledge regarding COVID-19 advances.